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VRP South Africa has a long-standing reputation for providing South Africans with a comprehensive, innovative product range of the highest quality. Whether the products are imported or manufactured locally, we ensure that only the best ingredients are used and that the highest manufacturing standards are applied, in appropriate facilities.

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The foundation of VRP South Africa is laid upon solid, scientific scrutiny. Our team of doctors ensures that we are constantly aware of the latest developments in research studies, and we in turn use this information to identify ways in which to improve existing products so that our customers receive the maximum benefit.

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Based on our long-standing reputation of being a company of integrity and quality, doctors recommend VRP South Africa. 


Building A Supplement Program That’s Right For You

With all the possible choices of vitamins and supplements available today – a wide range of formulas and products from countless companies – selecting the most appropriate formula for your needs may appear overwhelming.

This uncertainty is common not only for those who are new to supplements, but among informed consumers as well. Often what we find is that our customers are taking a “mish-mash” of products from several different companies.

The trouble with this approach is that it is costly and not necessarily in the best interest of one’s health. These combinations of formulas characteristically contain large amounts of certain therapeutic nutrients, plus miscellaneous redundant co-factors.

Consequently, the various supplements often conflict with one another, and may have wastefully excessive, imbalanced or even detrimental doses of some nutrients while offering only sub-therapeutic (ineffective) amounts of others.

However, formulas in each level of our Longevity Pyramid (shown here) are designed to work together in a complementary fashion.

This synergistic, modular approach helps ensure against unnecessary, overlapping and sometimes counterproductive ingredients.

Using our pyramid concept, you can build an effective supplement program that’s right for you, one step at a time.

As shown below, when designing a nutritional supplement program, there are some basic requirements common to all of us:

1. Foundation

We believe that multinutrients, minerals and phytonutrients create the foundation of any supplement programme.

In choosing a multinutrient formula, you’ll want to consider several factors:
• Cost; your daily “pill capacity”;
• your personal dietary and therapeutic needs (based on age, sex, health condition, family history and personal goals);
• gastrointestinal tolerance (some people find high potency formulas upsetting to their stomachs);
• quality of your diet;
• and your exercise habits.

This step is important, as it is generally not possible to provide adequate amounts of the “macrominerals” (especially calcium and magnesium) in a multinutrient formula because of the “capsule space” they require.

Because even the most conscientious of us often does not consume adequate phytonutrients, we recommend that everyone include one or more broad-spectrum phytonutrient supplement formula in their daily “nutrition-insurance” programme.

2. Targeted Formulas

Having established the nutritional foundation, consider choosing formulas for targeted support, for example: Bones and joints; heart health, blood sugar, etc.

3. Healthy Aging

To complete an effective supplement programme, you can branch out and tailor it to your individual needs, adding antioxidants, hormone support, healthy fats and oils and energisers.

By following these simple steps based on VRP’s modular concept, you can be confident that your nutritional requirements are being met, while minimising unwanted and unnecessary ingredients.

The information provided on this website is for educational purposes and is not intended as either diagnosis or treatment of any disease. Reporting symptoms to a doctor and getting monitored and coordinated care is advised.


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